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What is SEO? Should I care about it for my website? How to do SEO?



It means Search Engine Optimisation.
It is one of the important factors to increase traffic in your website. SEO is the process by which you can describe your website to a search engine properly or say accurately.
Too much complicated?
Ok, let me make it simple for you, it means to optimise your website so that the search engine prefers your website as a best result of a search query asked by a user.
Let us take an instance
Assume that you have a website for web-designing. Obviously there is many such web-designing websites. So when a visitor searches for “ top web designing websites” through any search engine, there come loads of results, and it is natural for the user to click on the first result than clicking on the 10th result or any later ones. This means the first result of the search query matches the most with the input given by the user hence shown on top of others.

Thus optimizing of a website according to the needful is termed as SEO.

Got it now? Now you have also realised how important it is! Now the next thing is how can you do SEO i.e. how can you optimise your website for better page rank? Here are some popular tips which are used widely.

How to do SEO

Sign up with Google and Bing Webmaster

You would have known by now that a majority of people prefer to search through Google and Bing search engines. So wouldn’t it be a good idea for you to submit your website to them first, so that they can index your site too.
So the first thing that you should do is to sign up with both Google Webmaster and Bing webmaster. You shouldn’t worry about money because till now also these services are free services provided by Google and Bing respectively, you will just need their respective account to use those services.
Then submit your website’s sitemap (something like which is very essential for the search engines to index your website.
Then you can check for any errors or suggestions with the tools provided by them.

So now you have told the two popular search engines about your website, next wouldn’t you like to know how people give response to your website in a search result or how they behave in your website?

Sign up with Google Analytics

Next thing that you should be doing is to get yourself signed up with Google Analytics. Then what, you have to just use the various tools provided by them to see reports like “in which search result was your website preferred” “what was the keyword searched for” and stuffs like that. Mostly you can use it to check the queries asked by the users and optimise your site accordingly.

Suppose your website is based on Food-Recipes, so you might be looking for what a user is mostly interested in. So you will check for mostly asked queries & you’ll get result something like this: “How to make”, “Top 10 recipes” and so on.
Then using these results you would like to optimise your website, like increasing the number count of a particular word or phrase, placing a suitable heading matching with the queries.

So now when your website will match the most with the queries asked, then your website will be given more preference than others and your page rank will improve.

Use appropriate tags and header tags

Many webmasters neglect these, but it would be better if you don’t fall in that category. Though Google doesn’t usually consider tags but Bing does. Placing appropriate tags is a good way to optimise the content of your website.

Moreover, you should also use the header tags (like h1, h2) because Google takes this matter into consideration. If you tell them it is the heading then it would consider that important. You can also see how I have used these header tags in this post.

Use descriptions for your pages

Descriptions help all search engines to know about your whole content better and quicker. So you should really give some time for writing descriptions for your home page and other pages. It also lets users to know about your content specifically in a short time.

You might have observed in Google search results that something is written under a website’s link in the search result, which is the description that has been placed on that page. Reading that you are quickly able to know about the content of the website and click on the result that suits you the most.

Use social medias

As you live in a modern age so you should never neglect the power of these social medias. Anything and everything that you want the world to know can be shared on these social medias. You can use any of Google+, Facebook, Pinterset, Tumlr, Twitter and any other social medias that you find most useful to you.

You might have also read about many such success stories describing about how greatly social medias have affected their website online.

Show yourself on map

If you want your customer to know about your place you can sign up with Google places for business and let yourself been shown at the place you want. It is most useful for local business.

Suppose you have a business of flower which is in Northgate. So when a user searches for “Best flower shop in Northgate” then obviously you would want your website to be placed on this search result and if you had already signed up with Google places for business you might also see your name there by now.

Create or fix internal links

You might not like any of your users to click on a link that is broken or directs to a page that doesn’t exist or has been moved. So you should fix these types of links in your web pages to leave a positive impression of your website on the user’s mind.

Next you can build internal links within the website, like linking a page to another.

Suppose your reader is reading a page containing an article on herbs. So you would like your reader to show your other pages beside the one that is being read. In that case you can use various other herbs in your that post and linking it to those herbs as other pages in your website.

If you do so with every page of your website then a good network of internal links will be created which is also a very good method to optimise your website.

Hire a professional SEO

Now there can be a case also where you don’t have enough time either to understand these or to implement these. So in that case it might be helpful for you if you look for a professional SEO. All these jobs of optimising your website would be done by him and you can put your time in which you need.

So now you might have got the idea of SEO and how to do SEO. Optimising your website so as to be preferred in search engines is good but you should also take care in your mind that people visiting your website shouldn’t be dissatisfied with the quality of content provided by your website or smoothness in the accessibility to the content of your website. So you need to keep your website nice and content rich so as to let the user visit your website on a regular basis and keep your website traffic high.

By now you have known well about how to do SEO and improve your page rank, now if you are interested to know about how to improve your web page traffic, you can read it here.
Happy Blogging!

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