How To Add Scroll To Top Button

I want to add ScrollToTop button on my website. Is there any easy procedure to accomplish it?


Scroll To Top button is a fine button which every webmaster would like to put it on their website. Why? Simple, because at a time when your posts are very lengthy, and one would want to go to top again, there it comes in handy. Another example would be, when your website has lots of comments and then a visitor would like to read all the comments only if he/she would get a nice means to come back to top easily. So isn't Scroll To Top button is a handy one.

If you too want to add it in your website, just follow three simple steps to complete adding of a scroll to top button to your website.

1. Go to

2. Choose any one button from the store of your interests and copy the following code.

3. Come back to your website and paste that code to your website HTML just before </body>

(To find </body> easily, just press ctrl+F, which will invoke search button and write </body> there and search)

Thus a Scroll To Top button is added to your website.
You can also see a Scroll To Top button in this page also.

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