How To Setup A Custom Homepage For A Blogger

There is no definite homepage for a Blogger. Is there any way to set up a custom homepage?


Earlier you learnt about how to create your own website. Now if you want to setup a custom homepage for your Blogger, well, there is a way too, but sometimes it creates a problem too. Make sure it is not so in your case, although you can use it then also.

Here are the simple steps to accomplish it:-

1. Choose any page or post that you want to setup as your blog's homepage, let it be,

2. Now on your blog's dashboard click
Pages -> New Page -> Web Address.
Give a title say, HOMEPAGE and fill-up the web address as

3. Now select
Layout -> Pages (Edit) -> Add or select the pages that you want to show in your blog and rearrange them accordingly and uncheck the main Home page.

Up to this you have created your HOMEPAGE and directed it to
So, now, whenever a visitor will click on the HOMEPAGE it will be directed to your custom Homepage.

Now you have to redirect any visitor who is visiting to

For this do the following steps:-

Goto Settings -> Search Preferences ->  Custom Redirects (Edit).

There on the From tab just add
and, on the To tab add 
If you want to make it permanent then do it and save it and then click Save Changes.

Thus you have accomplished what you have wished for.

But remember about that specific problem? 

This is it: While doing this redirection, in some cases, people visiting your website from mobile will not be able to visit your site. They will be constantly shown a message saying The document has been moved here or so, and they will fail to open your site on mobile.
Happy Blogging!


  1. Ive followed the steps above, but now I have no way to access my blog posts. Clicking 'Home' just brings me to my welcome static page.

    1. This can be solved simply either by linking your posts on your home page or add a widget named "Archive", like you can see in this page the same widget named 'Shelf'
      Hope your problem is solved!

    2. It's not practical to link all my posts one by one, or depend on the archive gadget to access my posts for the sake of having a static page as a homepage - it's purpose-defeating. Thanks anyway.

    3. There wasn't any link to your website, and you left no hint of how you wanted to achieve it. The only thing that was known, was that you wanted to access your blog posts. That was mere a general solution. Hope you have understand what was the earlier reply for.

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