How To Create A Website

Can I too create my own website? Is it free or I have to pay to make my website?


It is great to have your own website! You can tell others, this is "My Website!" So much fun it seems, isn't it?
And surely you can make a website of your own. In the present century making a website is as simple as A,B,C... But before moving forward you should know one thing: if you are making a website for fun and for self pleasure then it's ok, but if you are in the hope for making money then you should be very serious from the very first day, otherwise chances of success will be very less in your favour.

There are two categories of making website.

1st, you can make a free website and 2nd one involves money. 

Starting with free website: You can just search in the web about free websites and you will get loads of result. Suit anyone with yourself and follow the procedure as directed in the particular website. As simple as that.

Now moving forward to the 2nd option, if you are ready to pay for a website then you can do either of the following: upgrade your free website by adding a custom domain name or buy a domain name for your website (This is the name you want to give to your website).

Though the later option is not as easy as the former one but it is also simple.

1. You have to buy a domain name, for that you have to pay an annual charge to the registrar (The company that registers domain name) for the right to use that name. Remember, this does not make your website, just the name for your website.
2. Then you have to get a hosting company (A company that connects your website to WWW). Well it can be the same company from where you have purchased your domain name, or you can choose others.
Now you are ready to make your homepage.
3. Now download any web editor (A software that converts your language to computer language for web page) of your choice and start building pages with its help and upload it.

Basically, there are help guides with every software, you can take help from those and utilise the most of it.
Now you have your own website. 
Now what are you waiting for, go and create your own website.
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Happy Blogging!

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